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Post Cracking notes for AmigaBoy

AmigaBoy: You are right, the game is compressed. The bootblock loads the file VC and relocates it to $20000. Then the first thing it does is decrunch the protection screen (look for "CHFI" - that is the Imploder header changed from "IMP!") over itself so it's at $20000 - then it copies itself to $78000 which is where you hit your button and found the code to break the protection.

Incidentally the location you found to crack it isn't the best place since you are still asked for a code which is annoying. At around $78100 there are about 8 or 9 bsr's in a row - about 3rd from bottom it runs the copylock check - so remove that (RTS in the copylock routine). Then the next routine checks the key returned from the copylock - it's something like move.l 4(a1),d0 and cmp.l #$7dd5dd89,d0 (I'm going from memory here, those numbers will be wrong for sure). The next line beq (hex $61) change to a bra (hex $60) so it always thinks you have the original and won't ask for the code

Anyway the point of all this is if you want to do a nasty crack on either of these 2 games, grab the memory from the "CHFI" header, decrunch it, hack those bytes to crack it, then File Imploder that data back and put the header back as "CHFI". Now copy that hacked imploded bit over the original (it should be almost the same size if not exactly) and save it back as VC. Now cracked
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