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I started off with a bog standard Amiga 500 in November 1997.

I then got an Amiga 1200 with a four meg memory fast mem.

I sold that to my brother in 1996 ish and then bought it back 6 months later, then sold it off again.

I got an Amiga 4000 in mid-2000 because (a) I missed it, (b) WinUAE at that time was shite so I thought I get the proper experience again and (c) I thought I'd be able to jump straight back into coding for it.

I use Cygnus Ed for writing my web site and used DPaint for some of my web site graphics. Even Photoshop lacks in some areas.

Have to admit that I got to expand the 4000. I want to get a Picasso board, a new CD ROM and the monitor is on it's last legs.
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