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Originally posted by fisken uno
What I meant was that the guy seems to argue too much in black or white. In the other thread, I don't think he had a single good thing to say about KO... I mean, just because he thinks it's not as good as SWOS. Then he's gotta hate KO. Kick Off had several flaws that SWOS didn't, but nontheless it's a classic game. I just think he should soften his attitude slightly... It seems pretty pointless to me to argue about which is the "best" because although they both are soccer games they're still quite different and both have their fans. Neither one is shite and neither one is the best ever.
...but Fisken, as we've said all along it's about opinions

You say neither one is shite, but I consider Kick Off (and more so Kick Off 2) to be one of the worst football games I've ever played-- Believe me, I've played it.

You say neither one is the best ever, and that's a very sweeping statement. I believe SWOS is the best football game ever.

Who is right? Technically neither of us, and both of us.

At the risk of 'crossing borders' I'm beginning to feel where this guy (Stuart Campbell) is coming from. Although his thread in that CM forum was created a little hastily, he didn't attack anyone unless provoked as far as I can tell and looking back through other forums and correspondence it seems to be that's he's the one being attacked.

As he said, he's never personally attacked Dino Dini and as far as I'm concerned, journalism is about the right to express an opinion, which he did and got flamed for. It just so happened he did it in a relatively popular Amiga magazine to the audience of a few zealots who had a seriously unhealthy obsession for that game.

If you don't concur with a magazines' reviews, you change magazine. That's why there's a choice on offer.

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