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Who owns a real Amiga ?

I own my Amiga since 1993. Yep, I am a 'late owner', like with most of my machines (got my C128 in mid-1989). I tend to have an habit of picking up machines when they start to die ;/

It is an Amiga 600HD, with 2MB of Chip RAM, a 30MB HD (WOW! ), and not much else. I use it with my 1084S monitor which I got for my 128, and I have many joysticks/pads for it (even the Quickjoy Foot Pedal. I need a Freewheel though!). Also a good bunch of original software (like my original copy of Pirates, which is floating somewhere across the net), and many coverdisks with their mags.

I plan to upgrade it but only when I get an extra A600. Towering a 600 makes it loose its point, which is its awesome little size, and the only way to stick a backpack 030 accelerator and a hard drive is towering it. I would also have to put a fan in there, it needs cooling as it stands, and would need it even more with an accelerator.

Also I am planning to buy an A1200 next month, which I will pimp up with an 030@55, a bit of mem and a CD-ROM drive, just so I can play t-zero I will finally be able to play all those AGA games and demos!

Now, tell me a bit about your Amiga, if you own one, or if you plan to get one, or whatever.

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