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Originally posted by Akira
Mr Frosty: Thanks! HOW could I forget my favorite handheld console in my list!!!

Bollocks, the architechture of an MD is VERY different to that of a Master System. The Adapter is not an adapter as son, it DOES have circuitry in it that makes the games run. I beg you to try and make a straightforward adapter for yoru MS carts to fit in an MD, it will blow up the cart and/or console. Do you reckon the SuperGameboy addon is just an adapter as well? What about the Gamecube's GBA Player?

The only case where an adapter is used, and I could of accept backward compatibility, is the game Gear. The game geaar IS a Master System on acid. So the Mastergear Converter just maps the MS cart pinout to the GG cart pinout.

Other addons are to be ruled out. Only adapters would count.
Thx for the nice reply but I got the same info as FromWithin. I think you could find these info on many Sega site.
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