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Originally posted by Akira
Bollocks, the architechture of an MD is VERY different to that of a Master System. The Adapter is not an adapter as son, it DOES have circuitry in it that makes the games run. I beg you to try and make a straightforward adapter for yoru MS carts to fit in an MD, it will blow up the cart and/or console. Do you reckon the SuperGameboy addon is just an adapter as well? What about the Gamecube's GBA Player?
I've been trying to find info on this and it looks like the Megadrive was hardware compatible with the Master System. The Master System has a 4MHz Z80 CPU, the same as the Megadrive's sound processor. Both use character-based graphics. I found mention of one version of the Master System Converters being "pass-through" device.

I also found this:

"An example of a pure hardware emulator would be the Sega Genesis/Megadrive's VDP mode 4 - this converts the console into a functional Sega Master System emulator running entirely on its internal hardware, and is activated via a special code received from the console's cartridge port."

Says it all, really.
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