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The site is indeed dutch (spellendoos), but it's only a reference to the solid database that's behind it It will be english all the way for the coverdisk website.

The problem with the emuunlim coverdisk site is that there are very few coverdisks to be found there. I have a much larger collection which I could already publish on the website.

My goal is, just as with 'spellendoos' to design and build a site which needs little to no maintenance by giving access to everyone to the database. Only strict moderating of added content is needed but that's not much work if the scripts are written properly.

At the moment I'm waiting for an answer from several publishers (future publishing, Emap, etc) if it's allowed to publish the disks on the net. After that I can continue modelling the database.

I'll try to give you all a looksy first at the model and then I'll continue building the website.

To be continued
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