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Commodore 128 could run C64 software

I'm unsure about the topic though, besides the lame emulation mentions, I see hardwareadapters mentioned. do they count? PSX needs no addon to play PS1 games. So TRUE backwards-compatible machines I know are:

*Atari 7800 - A2600 compatibility
*Gameboy Color - Gameboy Classic compatibility
*Gameboy Advance - GB Classic and Color compatibility
*Wonderswan Color/Swancrystal - Wonderswan B/W compatibility
*Nec Supergrafx - PC Engine compatibility

And computers:
*Commodore 128 - C64 compatibility
*MSX Turbo R - MSX1/2 compatibility
*MSX2 - MSX1 compatibility
*A1200/4000 - A500 compatibility
(these last two are almost identical specs, should they be considered? differences between MSX1 and 2 are similar to differences between an A500 and an A600)
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