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I guess I tend to be a little lazy in terms of settings too as I leave WinUAE display settings to my standard desktop settings of 800x600 which probably doesn't help the speed much.

That said, given what Bloodwych said,it's a little ironic that (particulary the A500),systems are so less powerful on paper than today's PC's yet look at the sort of power required on PC to even attempt a decent emulation.

I just find it curious when you compare the updates of say CCS64 from one version to another & yet it seems a lot of WinUAE games players are having a slower & buggier upgrade??

It just seems a pity someone couldn't take the core of a fairly good version in 08.8r8 (with WinUAE's blessing),& make an improved version that would at least complete the OCS/ECS side of the project.
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