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Originally posted by Myriel
Yes, the C64 version of Bubble Bobble is great. But have you played it recently ? It is sooooooooo slow in comparison to other versions. Therefore I don´t play it anymore :-(
I don't know.. I liked the speed. Haven't tried the game on many other systems, though. Maybe I'm missing out?
Have you ever tried the Sega Mastersystem version of bubble
bobble ? That one is great. It features 200! different levels and
it´s a very good conversion. [/B]
Ooh, that sounds very interesting! Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely look out for it (I haven't really tried emulating the Sega Mastersystem - only Amiga and C64 for me so far).

@Shatterhand: Me and a friend played The Settlers a lot. It's fantastic in two-player mode. Some of the games took weeks, even months to complete (mapsize 5, which was the largest my Amiga could handle at the time). I don't think I would have enough time for such long games these days, but it sure was fun.
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