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I checked out these games, and they suck (especially the Quest one)

But. For those of you who have action replay's handy, and want to see the game, when you get to the password screen (where you actually type your password), freeze, then type whichever line for the game you want

Captain Dynamo (The title screen says it's called Dynamo)

^15B6 MOVE.L 24E0(PC),D1

Quest Of Agravin

^785DA MOVE.L 793FE(PC),D1

Exit out of Action Replay. Type whatever you want at the protection screen and the game will load. I have no idea if this will work on any Amiga's, but it should be fine.

I couldn't alter the ADF since the game is compressed (?) and I'm not exactly sure how to deal with these situations...Can anyone help me out here? I know what to change now, but how do I go about actually writing this back to disk....The byte sequence I see in memory is not on the disk (hence why I think it's compressed)
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