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Just as a couple of points of order - as anyone can see, I wasn't noticeably abusive in the original thread, just annoyed at someone charging (quite a lot of) money for an obvious and poor-quality ripoff of our game without so much as a credit for it. It's not a "little bit" similar to SWOS, it's almost identical. I didn't threaten anyone with anything, merely expressed entirely legitimate anger on behalf of me and the other Sensi chaps, who also strongly resent this sort of thing.

I didn't mention Kick Off or Dino Dini in any way whatsoever. Dino and his tiny gang of simpering Euro-fanboys took it upon themselves to barge into the thread and gratuitously bitch at me on the subject. I haven't written anything about Kick Off anywhere for about nine years, and actually only ever mentioned it in AP four or five times, in three years on the mag.

As for taking the beef about Championship Soccer up with the developer personally, his contact page SPECIFICALLY asks people to post things on the forum rather than emailing them directly to him. If you're going to whine at me, at least check your facts first.

Kick Off is an ancient relic of history which only a tiny handful of obsessives still care about. It was shit 15 years ago and it's shit now. Dino is a paranoid idiot who really ought to have grown out of this sort of juvenile pouting about ONE PERSON not liking his game by now, and who really ought to wake up and smell the fact that nobody's interested in his rubbish pinball simulation any more, as is comprehensively shown by the spectacularly atrocious sales of the 20 or so different failed Kick Off-derived games released since 1989. Amiga, Spectrum, Playstation, PC, they've tried every audience out there and none of them are interested. Its time has long since passed. Get over it.

And as for the odd cuss-word among adult men - honestly, grow the fuck up, you lily-livered fucking pussies.

Love you all!
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