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I agree completely with Akira (and with Stu Campbell), the game looks EXACTLY like SWOS, which would be fine if it was free, but the guy is wanting to make money from it. I'm all for bedroom coders, but if you intend to make money from something, you should make original product. This doesn't necessarily mean an original idea (are there any of them left?), but it should at least be your own interpretation, and not a facsimili of other people's work. Sensi was inspired by Kick Off but played a COMPLETELY different ( and FAR better imo) game.

As for the "look" being similar to Kick Off; Sensi Software actually based the look on the sprites they used for Mega Lo Mania (I seem to remember that the whole idea for a football game came from playing aroung with that game's sprites and making them look like footballers). I'm all for PD, but I certainyl wouldn't pay someone for a CLONE (with just a few very minor differences) of, say, Street Fighter II as this would clearly be wrong. What's different here?
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