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Oh please. Credit where credit is due is something that should be respected, and personally I would NEVER pay 30 euros for a SWOS clone.

I don't think the issue here has to do with "it takes elements..." and blah blaah. I know every bloody FPS is identical to the other, the buyres are to blame for that, but this game in question looks EXACTLY like SWOS. Even the menus and stuff!

If we are talking about REMAKES, like the brilliant Head over Heels remake, or the awesome Skool Daze remake, to name but two, they have credited COMPLETELY the original source, and have given away the games for free, as it should. This game here looks like a remake of SWOS, and should be treated like that. The remakes that cost money are those done by the official copyright holders, like all that compilation shovelware you see on the GBA, Speedball 2 on GBA, etc.

Also, I bet that everyone who bought the game did it because it was so much like SWOS, so the game is beneffiting directly from SWOS' recognition et al.

I mean, Stu's complaint, if I understanded it correctly, was completely logical. It would have been a fine thread if it was not decorated with all that shite. This message above mine is no help eiher ;P
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