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Ok guys, been playing around for the past 2.5 hours with many different options in order to get the "after level 1 / before level 2" cutscene working reliably...
  • I revisited the installation of AHI but there's audio stuttering / slowdowns for say 10 - 20 seconds when the game starts (and that's with "Fastest possible" ticked). I also tried various AHI modes besides "Paula: Fast 8 bit mono" but all were probably worse.
  • I had some success very occasionally with switching off "Fastest possible" but still suffered from audio stuttering / slowdowns for say 10 - 20 seconds when the game starts plus it's just too slow afterwards.
  • I tried ShapeShifter v3.10 as opposed to v3.11.
  • I tried Baslisk II but was horrible just like wairnair said.
  • I tried turning off "Ambient Music On" in the menu.
Anyway, I have now found a way to get the cutscene to load everytime!!!

When you jump onto the ship and the game just sits there; don't press the <Left Mouse Button> in the menu to continue as it will then skip the intro.

Instead press the <MAC Command + M> keys (<Menu + M> keys in Windows); which toggles "Ambient Music On" off / on). Wait for a second and press the <MAC Command + M> keys again

Edit: this <MAC Command + M> keys trick also works if the intro gets stuck.

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