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Hi guys

I've checked out both games (Captain Dynamo (which is just called Dynamo I believe) and Quest of Argavain), and the originals both (should) have a Rob Northen copylock track. The game brings up that "Codemasters" pic, then reads the copylock track. If all is OK, it then loads the main game. If it fails, it asks for that activation code stuff.

Anyway both of these are very basic to crack, I will upload cracked versions if people want them (I just trick it into thinking the copylock was there so you never get asked for the code, it just loads) but I was led to believe other people have cracks of these games already so I wasn't going to bother. Simply replacing the file VC with a slightly altered one is enough to crack both games.

Yell if you want me to do a crack fix for them - I don't want to spend time cracking them and find some bugger uploads them in the meantime!

Doing the WHDLoad slaves is different (Bored Seal has done Dynamo and I have almost completed Quest).

BTW I would not trust Disk2FDI myself after these comments from you guys, much better if you have an Amiga with a cable to your PC to image on the Amiga and copy across. At least you can guarantee a working image unless the physical disk is knackered.
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