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Originally posted by Akira
This is funny.

I wonder what they did back then with FOOTBALL GLORY?

However I DO agree that charging money for this product is not quite right, since IT IS a SWOS ripof after all. I think what pissed off thsi guy is that money is being earned from it, and that Andreas never credited for the inspiration. That's kind of correct. But the way he put it was teh least adequate.
Allow me to disagree with you. Is ID credited by all companies that create FPS games? No, but they make hell lot of money. Why would the game be free? I don't understand... Is PES 3 free? No, but let's face it it was inspired by FIFA. There are millions of old remakes out there and there are many of them that you have to pay to get the full version. If this is the case i.e. not pay for programs/games that are based on other programs/games, the Amiga PD scene would probably be dead and Aminet would have die from day 1... Sorry, but you are wrong there!
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