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Originally posted by bippym
As for him being a prick.. I wouldn't know, but does that make everyone who speaks their mind a prick? he might not have the best ppl skills in the world but he's blatantly honest about what he thinks, regardless of what it is and whether he's right or wrong!!
Come on, just because he is a "celebrity" (seriously between quotes, this adjective) doesn't mean you have to play blind and not see that what he has done over there is childish and unpolite at best. As I said I see his points and I DO THINK THEY ARE VALID. However the way he put it was waaaay off. As the conversation "developed" he showed more and more that he was being a complete prick, at least over that matter. He kept going on about the same thing and defended them with patronising and insulting remarks.

You know I always speak my mind and am usually being told off by the "rude" way I do so (which I don't completely agree), but Stu wins to me for quite a bunch of miles. Everyone can tell their minds, I'm all in favour of that, but come on, there are ways to do it. He should have, for a start, contacted the author DIRECTLY instead of making that public mess.
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