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Months? I must have browsed for at least a year before I signed up... Not on a very frequently basis though. I was mainly interested in games, so I remember signing up long ago (don't remember which nick I used then) just to be able to download from the zone Don't think I posted a single time with that nick.

I signed up in July (or was it june?) 2003, which isn't that long ago but just like NightShade says it FEELS much longer... I feel I have had a very interesting time here. Though posting most OT myself, I've always read Amiga-related threads with great interest and we do have a GREAT bank of knowledge here. And a very interesting mix of different people.

My very first post is probably not preserved as I jumped into the LittleShady discussion, actually defending him to some extent. And I remember everyone said I was a newbie moron to the board who didn't know squat etc etc. Everyone EXCEPT Akira. Which is why I've always liked him so much, I suppose.
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