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Originally posted by Akira
How so? the thing slows down like hell and I never understood why, since it loks pretty simple to the eye (not even the slightest sight of parallax in it, for example). Probably it has to do with the loads of stuff going on on-screen, but is it really that wickedly programmed?
slow down?? there isnt slow downs on Ruff´N´Tumble. It has multidirectional scroll with 32 colours and it runs pretty well. It has the same frame rate than BitmapBros games Gods, MagicPockets.. just your character has more inertia than Bitmaps games... thats why I guess some times seems slow.

Well, Superfrog and Assassin also are 32 colours multi directional scroll,.. but I guess their characters havent the complexity of Ruff´N´Tumble characters.
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