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Originally posted by jmmijo
The Al Bundy syndrome eh

Yes it would be nice if some people would move on and stop living so much in the past, oh wait, isn't this forum about the very same thing, hmmmmm

I guess it's a matter of perspective, this person seems to think it's a ripoff of his favorite title, perhaps in his mind that's true. I wonder if any litgation will come about now...
I never had an amiga, so its not my past but my present. While I do replay some of my favorite old games on the PC 95% of the games and 75% of equipment I have purchased in the last 2 years are ones I never played/owned.

Unless you steal actual lines of code or artwork/music is reproduced exactly there is nothing you can do in court, M$ won a look and feel battle with Apple back when apple had billions to spend on lawers.
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