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The wrong attitude over bedroom programming and legendary game developers!

Guys, have a look at this thread. I was disgusted by Stuart Campbell's attitude. Yes, the Sensi man and editor in Amiga Power.

Andreas Osswald made a soccer game on the PC. His game was based on old Amiga games of the same genre. In any case, his game was similar to Sensible Soccer. As the author clearly states, he didn't use any of the Sensible Soccer resources.

Dino Dini, the man who gave us Kick Off 2 and Goal! supported Andreas. This is great, a well known developer supporting bedroom programmers. Dino Dini's games have been attacked by AP and Campbell. Several moons ago I posted in the forums that I hated the attitude of SC and AP. I described it as lack of professionalism.

Thank god SC proved that I was true. He attacked a guy who is in the first steps of proper game development and who is using ideas from past games to create new ones. There have been many remakes of classic, retro games, but nobody ever accused the developers of Piracy ! It seems to me that with attitudes like that, retro gaming will end up being a luxury for owners of old hardware or owners of the original games who have the disk image for winUAE.
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