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Ultimate Blitz Basic 2.1+ CD


I'm in the process of making a "full" and "clean" Blitz Basic 2.1 installation that can be easily copied by others to avoid having to install using the BB2.1 Ultimate CD and fixed installer etc.

EDIT: Short story shorter, I have updated the Ultimate Blitz Basic 2.1 CD, I call it Ultimate Blitz Basic 2.1+ CD, creative I know. You should be able to run this install from any folder. Hope you like my Photoshopping skillz btw.

Get it here:
Ultimate Blitz Basic 2.1+ (2019)(Acid_Software) (Unzip on Windows/Linux/Mac, then extract LHA in Workbench)

Short:    Ultimate Blitz Basic 2.1+ CD v1.1
Uploader: MickGyver
Author: and MickGyver
Type:     dev/basic

This is an updated version of the Ultimate Blitz Basic 2.1 CD.
You should be able to run this installation from any folder,
even the support suite installation.

To install, use lha on the Amiga to extract the archive, then
run "INSTALLBLITZ2" from Workbench and follow the instructions.
- Install everything! :) In most cases you just need to click
  'Proceed' every time it shows.
- Support Suite asks whick BB version you are installing for,
  leave "V2.1" checked.

* Blitz Support Suite 
  (Included on the original UBB2.1 CD)

* SuperTED v2.52 Update

* REDDebugger Update: The fixed update that does not use
  interrupt based timing in the main loop. This stops the
  debugger from slowing your computer down (WinUAE and
  Mediator/Voodoo3-NOINT can be affected like this).
* REDHelp fix: Fixes problems with the REDHelp scripts and
  guide files so that they execute correctly and actually
* RIARexx library update: Update for the RI ARexx library
  which comes with the BSS.
* GadTools updates (7th March 2002): Bugfixed and updated
  version of the GTLib for Blitz - shapes and visual prefs
  work well now.
* all.res: Contains both the real OS include structures
  (without the underscores) and the problem ones (with the
  underscore). Now you can use a single resident file to
  compile any previously written Blitz code.
* NewCommandSet V1.9 including ASL and Window patches
* AcidCD32 library

* BlitzPhxPlayer by PHX and idrougge on EAB: What sets this
  library apart from other tracker players is that it works
  with all system versions (and not only 2.0+ like
  Ciatrackerlib) and that it supports simultaneous sound
  effects. The player automatically chooses the most suitable
  channel to override with sound effects, but you can also
  reserve certain channels for music only.
* MakeDefLibs executable

* Third party libraries in the EXTRAS folder. Some are already
  installed by the intaller. A description of each library can
  be found in EXTRAS/3RD_PARTY_LIBRARIES/_Info.txt.
* Third party Blitz Basic related tools in EXTRAS/TOOLS.

* Notepad++ automation instructions and files in the 
* If you experience weird graphical glitches with BB2.1, you
  might want to try and install
* If the help menu is not working, then you will probably need to
  enable ARexx in Workbench. Add the following line to
  SYS:System/RexxMast >NIL:  
- Updated 'Installer' to version 43.3, this fixes installation in ClassicWB and possibly
  other configurations.
- No need to select source folder when starting the installation. 
- SYS: is now the default installation directory.
- File names converted from upper case to lower case.
- SuperTED installation of the Support Suite no longer asks for FD and Autodoc paths.
- Some useful library related tools added to the 'Blitz2/tools' folder.
- Some text (language) related fixes in the NewCommandSet installer.
- NewCommandSet installer no longer asks if it should rebuild deflibs, it just does.
- Moved cd32lib.obj and ptplayer.obj to extras/blitzlibs/otherlibs
- Removed bum9b/blitzlibs/otherlibs/xbonesciatrackerlib.obj (to avoid duplicated library).
- Removed extras/blitzlibs/otherlibs/xbonesciatrklib.obj (to avoid duplicated library).

- First release of the updated installation CD.

Things I have done so far:
1. Installed BB2.1 using the BB2.1 Ultimate CD and the fixed installer.
2. Installed NewCommandSet from
3. Ran MakeDefLibs.

What else should I do? I guess I would need to get a comprehensive collection of libs available, does somebody have such a collection they can share?

I will of course share the archive once it is complete, maybe even make a arexx script that creates the needed assigns for blitz2: and blitzlibs:

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