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Amigados/Dopus help

I have a load of archives with 1 file in, these files all have the same name (disk.adf).

I wanna batch unpack them with a dopus script (or amigados)

Problem is they have the same name

I need a way to append a number at the end so I can unpack them all!

so for example I have 100 lzx archives all with 1 file (disk.adf) in it.

I want to select them all. Press a button and they are all unpacked to my dest folder in the following way:


I could write a program to recurse and do it that way.. but dopus will be doing each archive 1 at a tim, so basically dopus runs lzx and unpacks.. then I need dopus to rename the file as diskxxx.adf.

Maybe check for what exists and then goto the next logical number.. I have no idea!

I really don't want to program something to do this for me!
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