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Originally posted by Akira

Actually there's one thing I loved about Globdule's music driver ( I think that's what it was, correct me please): If you started hopping around mindlessly, the sound of the glob impacting the walls would go in rythm with the music! So I performed many "globdances"
Interesting, but I'm afraid the music driver was just the standard Protracker player. Just a nice piece of luck that your bouncing around happened in time with the music.

I was going to design some of the levels before I started the music. The level editor was on the Archimedes, so I got given one of them to play around with, but never actually got round to doing any (too much other work to do).

I enjoyed doing the music, and was surprised that I never ran out of ideas before the end, although I was actually completely musically dried up at the end of it. There are 36 in-game tunes and a title tune (all available at exotica), a shocking amount.

It's nice to know that people liked the game. It was one of my favourites, but never seemed to get the attention it deserved in my opinion.
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