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Originally posted by Akira
Fissuras, you suffered the FEARED happy sappy delussion syndrome

@Retroman: Yes you can, but you must find a mega-rare (according to Shatterhand, the MSX meister) FDD interface cartridge. Also your Phillips better have two cartridge slots, otherwise you cant use a game cartridge or a RAM cart.

If you do find one you are in for a treat, since you format the disks on the PC, shove them on thw MSX and play away

Could the tape program you are looking for be called mtap? I think it supports C64 and other formats. HOwever to convert something from disk to tape.. hmm. there should be something.
Yep, the VG-8010 has got 2 Cart Slots and no, the name wasnīt mtap, all I know is that itīs a MSX-only proggie, so no C64 affiliated Now I gotta go, searching for a FDD Controller
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