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Frog, that collection is great however many of the icons on that site aren't compatible with Newicons - they're os3.5+ specific.

I'm a workbench 3.0/3.1 junkie - classic A1200 all the way!

What did you use to convert yours between formats?

I think the latest release of Scalos supports OS3.5+ icons, if so it's not much of an issue.

Forgetting about the directory idea (as you can easily use the standard icon image info as a drawer if you want), it still would be nice to have separate packages for WHDload games containing oldicon, newicon and os3.5 icons.

Using my ClassicWB setup in WinUAE, it literally takes seconds to drag a HOL pics over to some old/new icon creation utilities.

Looks like no one is interested anyway. The current collection of icons must be doing their job. :hoo

Right, time to move on EAB peeps.........
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