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Originally posted by Akira
Bonic, I want to ask you: what is the point in a project like EAGER? Why can't you join the HOL team?

Wasn;t an idea of collective floating around, which I think everyone agreed on? Wouldn't creating lots of parallel projects go away from this idea?

Just asking, because I don't see the point of people going out and trying to do their own thing just because, when the scene would benefit a lot more by having one consistent project that's heavily supported by many. bttr would benefit from HOL IMO much better than from EAGER.

This is not a "commerce" where monopolization is to fear.
In my opinion we should contact directly the EAGER maintainer, BTTR team should be considered as hoster here (I think)

@akira: my time is very limited and other team members seems to be in another world, could you contact him for me ?
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