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I read something yesterday on an internet site that requires strict clarification from the horses mouth (me), the subject has also come up in a few Facebook conversations.

Rygar will not be available for commercial sale, nether online, or as the article referenced during my trip to Amiga 34 in October. The original game is copyright TECMO and I do not stand to make any profit from the game.

I have had 10 physical copies of the game produced, there will only ever be ten, producing the physical copies has been at my own expense (i can show you the receipts if you like), but each one produced will cost roughly £20 including production, import tax, booklet, premium floppy disk and floppy label.

So why produce ten?

There's six developers involved in Rygar who have all contributed in some way to the game to make it what it is, Myself, Invent, DJ Metune, DLFRSILVER, Phx and Ross.

A further one or two will go to Amiga streamers.

One will be taken to Amiga 34 with me, the person who gets the highest score in the game throughout the Saturday will win that physical copy.

The remaining one (or more should some of the developers not wish to have them) will be pulled out of a raffle for anyone who wants to donate to my next project which will be running a series around coding Amiga games, this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone as I've mentioned my desire to do this in the past a few times.

The reason for the tutorials is that I enjoy teaching, but most of all I have a 4 year old who is starting school on Tuesday and I need more quality time with him and my wife... you know...things like Football on a Saturday, Swimming Lessons...eating out... all the things a Dad and husband should be doing in their spare time. I'll still code, but not to the degree that creates a game like Rygar, maybe much smaller 128kb games - I just need something less intensive and feel the tutorials is what I'd like to do, besides it might produce some good games on the Amiga.

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