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Hey Frog, thanks for the reply. Your game Icons are excellent and I think Rck should add that extra pack.

The idea behind doing standard sized picture drawers is that when you have a directory full of games (say Games/A) it's nice to see identifiable drawers rather than just the bland default set. Problem is performance and chipram, especially if you're not using WinUAE. It was just a suggestion for something different.

I agree we could start work on the undone games, but it would be nice to have a standardized set. Plus there aren't many AMiga related projects these days for people to keep the memory of the original machine alive. I don't expect people to dedicate time to this like HOL CAPS etc, just drop a post from time to time when they're bored.

Guess the main aim is just keep some active projects going on this board, even at a snails pace.

I can see this going.........nowhere. If it fails to inspire anyone, at least we have your excellent icons Frog!
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