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Game Icons from HOL images

Frogs Pygm game icons are quite superb and gave me an idea for a new project in 2004.

What if we use the images in HOL to create game icon packs, which eventually can be placed online, even in HOL itself.

Imagine being able to get hold of a WHDload pack, visiting HOL and downloading quality icons for it's drawer and startup.

We'll have to set a standard in terms of colours/programs used, format and size. As a suggestion, each pack could contain:

Newicon Drawer image (Square-pixel/high res)
Newicon Game image (Square-pixel/high res)
Oldicon drawer image (PAL/NTSC/low res)
Oldicon game image (PAL/NTSC/low res)

Some advice from Frog will probably be useful, if he's still around.

Any takers? It would be "only when I'm bored no pressure to do stuff" type thing - all we'd need is an upload area and a few posts here reporting what's been done.

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