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HstWB Installer v1.4.0 final is now released at with following new downloads available:

HstWB Installer with packages:
  • HstWB Installer v1.4.0 Portable with packages

HstWB Installer without packages:
  • HstWB Installer v1.4.0 Portable without packages

HstWB package and user package installation:
  • HstWB Package Installation v1.4.0
  • HstWB User Package Installation v1.4.0

Prebuild self install images for Amiga's, WinUAE and FS-UAE emulators supporting RDB:
  • 4GB HstWB self install HDF image v1.4.0
  • 8GB HstWB self install HDF image v1.4.0
  • 16GB HstWB self install HDF image v1.4.0
  • 32GB HstWB self install HDF image v1.4.0
  • 64GB HstWB self install HDF image v1.4.0
  • 128GB HstWB self install HDF image v1.4.0

Prebuild self install images for Amiberry, UAE4ARM, UAE4ALL, UAE4ALL2 emulators that doesn't support RDB:
  • UAE4ALL HstWB self install HDF image v1.4.0 (HDF files DH1, DH2, DH3 and DH4 requires surfaces is set to 2. Some Amiga emulators doesn't support this!)
  • UAE4ARM HstWB self install HDF image v1.4.0

v1.4.0 includes following changes compared to v1.3.0:
  • Replaced mount adf with virtual floppy and copy adf to solve object in use errors.
  • Fixed install kickstart rom for install mode.
  • Update package filtering and install packages when changing amiga os dir using install mode.
  • Added Amiga OS installation from adf.
  • Added patch Amiga OS script to enable switching between Kickstart 3.1 and Kickstart 3.1.4.
  • Added Amiga OS update to self install Amiga OS installation menu.
  • Updated run script to copy to dh1: after package installation is complete.
  • Added help option to glow icons.
  • Added copy alias to use buffer 10 for copy operations.
  • Updated run script to set Kickstart rom for use configuration files.
  • Corrected names for Amiga OS entries.
  • Fixed install glow icons for Amiga OS 3.1.4 with restore option.
  • Added urls as part of hstwb image setup.
  • Added additional Amiga OS 3.1.4 adf md5 checksums.
  • Added FS-UAE 3.0.0 support and remove is read only from Kickstart rom and Amiga OS adf files. This is mostly for HstWB Installer running install mode.
  • Updated hstwb image setup script to write warnings instead of errors and exit and added detect self install image.
  • Updated FS-UAE to write logs in image subdir.

This is the big release for ClassicWB users wanting use it with Amiga OS 3.1.4. All ClassicWB packages comes with support for Amiga OS 3.1.4 and update.

HstWB Installer comes with following ClassicWB packages:
  • ClassicWB 68K.
  • ClassicWB ADV.
  • ClassicWB ADVSP.
  • ClassicWB FULL.
  • ClassicWB GAAE.
  • ClassicWB LITE.
  • ClassicWB OS39.
  • ClassicWB P96.

Now it's about time to give Raspberry Pi some attention as I haven't made a release of HstWB Installer for Amibian users for some time now. I have a working setup for RetroPie, so this will cover both Amibian and Retropie. My plan is to offer modified images with HstWB Installer preconfigured and also have install scripts that can add HstWB Installer to an existing Amibian or RetroPie setup.

Enjoy the updated ClassicWB packages and please report any issues
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