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Originally posted by Akira
Bonic, I want to ask you: what is the point in a project like EAGER? Why can't you join the HOL team?

Wasn;t an idea of collective floating around, which I think everyone agreed on? Wouldn't creating lots of parallel projects go away from this idea?

Just asking, because I don't see the point of people going out and trying to do their own thing just because, when the scene would benefit a lot more by having one consistent project that's heavily supported by many. bttr would benefit from HOL IMO much better than from EAGER.

This is not a "commerce" where monopolization is to fear.

I'll inform Hippie2000 about this posting. I wasn't involved in the hosting process of EAGER. BTTR is so big meanwhile. Therefore we have team members who maintain only special sections or processes and don't do anything else on BTTR. I personally don't have anything to do with EAGER. I've heard about that site for the first time a couple of weeks ago.

Personally I can say, that I don't have enough time to either help updating HOL or EAGER. I have enough to do in maintaining the games, demos, music and picture archives and databases of BTTR and if you look at the amount of entries, you can surely understand that.

Of course it's possible to exchange information included in our databases with other projects, such as HOL. But you have to talk to Hippie2000 about that. He's our coder, he knows all about technical things and what could be possible. I can't help in such things.
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