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Originally posted by blackcornflake
Just been playing it now. Very cool!

Always had a soft spot for this type of game myself, despite being a confirmed arcade gamer.

Good feel to the game - nice mix of elements from Rebelstar et al and the Space Crusade games. I like the interface and control: very intuitive, not fussy at all. Great that you're free to perform multiple actions in a turn, and generally skip about as you please. Do kinda miss opportunity fire, but I think you're right to omit it, as it wouldn't be right for this game. Same as morale, say.
Space Crusade? My characters look nothing like the ones in space crusade...!

Yeah - opportunity fire was a nightmare playing laser squad multiplayer. Your opponent knew exactly where all your units were anyway, and which ones had enough AP left so you ended up in a stalemate. We tried not watching each other turns, but then when opportunity fire came up, you could just shoot all your opponents units with their man, and watch their face when they returned. Marvelous.

So we eventually decided we needed some sort of independent referee to supervise all sessions - exactly how this would be done we never got to as last orders had just been called.

Morale just did my head in on LS - the only really got multiplayer level was the one where you are against Omni Corp (hence their inclusion in FC) - level 2 I think - as the squads were evenly matched. The Laser squad could only gain points, and hence gain morale, by destroying the databanks. You could have all your men, they only had one, and your units would still panic. F**k!!!

Originally posted by blackcornflake

Gameplay suggestion: I think blasting doors should result in them being destroyed, as opposed to being opened. Might add a bit more spice to proceedings. Not sure whether they should have a hitpoint total as such, or just either be 'ok' or 'not ok' after being hit. Might be good to have an invisible hitpoint total for them, so as to make combining firepower on them worthwhile.
Yes, I agree about the doors. I just hadn't created eight 'destroyed door' tiles when I designed the first few maps - and I couldn't be arsed going back and changing them later. I'm currently doing a few more scenarios - and writing in the ability to destroy walls, doors etc with explosions.

As for the hitpoints - I'm not sure what you mean. I suppose I could get rid of HP altogether and just have a 'percentage death rate' for each gun/combatant rank - but that might complicate matters. As for hiding the HP - they used to be hidden, and I didn't have the floaty numbers for hits - but I think there's something nice about seeing what damage has been done.

I like being able to look to see which enemy is weakest, and which will need a good few attackers to bring down. The computer controlled team has certain units which will deliberatley attack the weakest of your team - so it would be unfair if we couldn't do the same!

There is one bloody 'genetic mutant' on the 'ship of doom' scenario, with a shield, and 22 HP, and he can be a bugger to take out (unless you weigh in with a sword - works for me.) I think if you didn't know how close you were to finally decking this guy, you might loose the will to live. Thats not counting the three 'prisoners' in the middle - who are worse!

So I think I might make this an option, like a difficulty level - maybe an 'easy' option - where you can call up the 'tactical information' display for opponents, and a 'hard' option where you can't.

Originally posted by blackcornflake

Works fine on my 040 A1200, btw. It will always have a place on my hard drive.

Hey, want a review in APoV then?

That would be great if I ever finish it! As I said above, at my workrate, this could take until 2007!!!

Thanks loads for your comments - Hopefully sorted for the next version!
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