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Just been playing it now. Very cool!

Originally posted by SabreGolly
I've always loved the games by Julian Gollop - Rebelstar, Laser Squad, Chaos and UFO etc - and the multiplayer ones were always good for a post-pub laugh.

The only problems were that they were too complicated for non gaming types. Things like action points, opportunity fire and panics did people's heads in - and what was the difference between a Marsec auto-gun and an L50 las-gun? - try explaining that to someone on their first go.
Always had a soft spot for this type of game myself, despite being a confirmed arcade gamer.

Good feel to the game - nice mix of elements from Rebelstar et al and the Space Crusade games. I like the interface and control: very intuitive, not fussy at all. Great that you're free to perform multiple actions in a turn, and generally skip about as you please. Do kinda miss opportunity fire, but I think you're right to omit it, as it wouldn't be right for this game. Same as morale, say.

Gameplay suggestion: I think blasting doors should result in them being destroyed, as opposed to being opened. Might add a bit more spice to proceedings. Not sure whether they should have a hitpoint total as such, or just either be 'ok' or 'not ok' after being hit. Might be good to have an invisible hitpoint total for them, so as to make combining firepower on them worthwhile.

Works fine on my 040 A1200, btw. It will always have a place on my hard drive.

Hey, want a review in APoV then?
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