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Cheers guys!

I've got my copy of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, so I'm likely to be tied up for awhile. So I've gone ahead and published an early, early preview release of the compiler, along with the current 'source' for the three games. This is an unofficial, under the radar soft-launch, just to get the compiler out there so people can start tinkering.

Here are the caveats:

Firstly, the manual isn't done - what I had already done on it basically needs to be rewritten from scratch. I'll start publishing the manual piece meal over the next few weeks. As such, it may be better to tinker with the existing samples rather than try to build something from scratch.

Secondly, the exact design and capabilities of the engine still isn't set in stone. Games written to work with the current Scorpion Engine/Compiler will absolutely break on future updates. (though I'll try to make detailed notes about whatever's been changed when I do updates)

Thirdly, the compiler is Windows-Only at this stage. I'll at some stage look at creating compilers for Mac and Linux.

Fourthly, the engine is still missing certain critical features (numerical counters and player-projectiles amongst many other bits and pieces), these are still forthcoming.

I'd recommend using Git to clone the repo if you can, otherwise you can also simply download a zip file. To use it, just run "scorpion.exe" in the compiler folder, choose which of the three projects to compile.

For editing maps, you'll need Tiled. For editing scripts and the project configuration, any text editor should do.

For editing animations, we've used an old beta version of Spriter - that's another potential complication in that the old Spriter beta is no longer officially supported or available, but I've included it on the Git repo (cheers to Michael Parent).
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