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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
So, travel is that long, huh?
No wormholes or something to get faster?
In ED you can upgrade and customize ships to make longer jumps, but even that does not help you as much as you would hope. There are no wormhole, but there might be more super carriers that ED team is testing in game.

To explain about size of galaxy, Colonia is around 25,000 ly from Sol. Above mentioned Vulture can jump around 8ly (stock version). So, how many jumps do you need, and how long will take to scoop all fuel?? Actually, if you try to go in strait line, you will get very soon to place where you can't jump to next star, since galaxy is modeled after Milky Way and there are places where stars are too far from each other, end even if you find star to jump, you better hope to be able to reach next scoopable star.

Once you unlock engineers, you can upgrade jump range at cost of protection and weapons - so for example, my Anaconda few weeks ago got completely remodeled and now is exploration ship, with jump range close to 80ly. You also have to unlock Guardian technology. (for this build, only 2 modules are guardian - power plant and FSD Booster)

There is also Neutron Star boosting option, at cost of module health - if you crazy enough to scoop neutron star cone and pass through it, you can boost FSD (Frame Shift Drive) and you can then jump 4 x your regular jump range.

Every time you do this, you loose about 1% of health on FSD, so you have to carry AFMU (Auto Field-Maintenance Unit) - so that after 10 or so jumps you can park and fix ship.

There is also risk, if you don't follow safe recommendations to loose ship in neutron star.

Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
I just saw a youtube video (from last week), where the guy tells that all of the Thargoids just disappeared, and can't be found anywhere now.
I really hope they have some cool story behind all this.
Targoids were attacking 4-5 systems per week for very long time - now since game is more of a simulator then your regular game, to get them out of system, players have to fight them. Once they are driven out of system, players have to rescue folks on damaged space stations and once that is done, players have to help with repair. There are groups of players online who just do this part of the game, for fun.

Targoids did disappear few weeks ago, but are already back.

It is funny that you can follow news in game, while playing - that tells you about lates in game news.

At the moment I have access to all except one ship (Imperial Cutter), have around 4 billion credits and close to 30 ships, most of them well engineered for their role.

Just 2 weeks ago I also completed first expedition from ED Star Map. That was fun, and if you like space and photography, expeditions like this are great. My goal of setting Anaconda Explorer was to join this expedition.

Here are specs of Exploraiton Anaconda

Here are some pictures from that trip.

And my other exploration ship (WIP)

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