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I haven't played the game (I don't own an Amiga, and I got an emulatophobia lately), but from the screenshot it looks good. Laser Squad was great, and I always wanted to play it with a friend, but I always had this problem too: No one would give the time to learn the game. (I also had this problem with Hired Guns).

And it's bullshit you can't do a retro game in 2003. I've just finished coding a PC game (Space Disorder, a few people here may remember it), and it's as retro as it gets (It looks much, MUCH worse than your game ), and I know many people like it. I am now coding another PC game which is even more retro, and I guess some people will like it too.

For me, it will never the graphics, the sound or the concept that will make a game good - it's always about the fun of playing it.

I hope you keep the work on your game!
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