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Thanks loads and loads for your reply, Bloodwych - it brought a tear to my eye!

I do call myself a retro gamer (except on my CV) so I love old style games. After uploading this, I wondered if a game had to have been released years ago to be considered retro - and if I was being a bit cheeky pretending!

I've always loved the games by Julian Gollop - Rebelstar, Laser Squad, Chaos and UFO etc - and the multiplayer ones were always good for a post-pub laugh.

The only problems were that they were too complicated for non gaming types. Things like action points, opportunity fire and panics did people's heads in - and what was the difference between a Marsec auto-gun and an L50 las-gun? - try explaining that to someone on their first go.

So that's where this came from.

Its been lying on my hard drive for years, and I've periodically messed about with it. As I say, if you've anything about it you'd like me to change, or anything you'd like adding - give me a shout.

Currently being worked on -

* team editor, so you can change team names and colours.

* 'worms' style player awards at the end, e.g. most violent, shortest lived etc.

* Three additional scenarios, some with destroy-able scenery.

* new weapons, including 'UFO' style guided missiles.

* get rid of the sound when new screens come up, courtesy of amigaboy!

* clean up some of the graphics, but I think AGA would take too much time.

but as I said, anything else you think would be a good idea.

Thanks again for giving it a go, and long live the miggy - what other machine lets you do this?

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