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Originally Posted by hth313 View Post
Yes, we have different opinions here, I know.

In my point of view, the problem we have is exactly due to the above, that ownership is fragmented as everyone want to keep their parts secret rather than really open things up and collaborate instead, which preferably should have been done a long time ago.
And, because of that, you want to fragment it more? Look, the problem is that multiple parties already contributed to AmigaOs, at various stages, with individually negotiated license terms. This did not start with 3.9, but even back in CBM times. It is like opening Pandora's box. For example, the narrator.device was never owned by CBM, they only had a binary license for it. Who knows which type of licenses CBM had for ARexx (did not come from CBM) or the Kickstart 2.0 dos.library and shell (did neither come from CBM, but the Software distillery, essentially arp), or CrossDos, or...

Even if Cloanto would want to open it (whatever "it" then is), they hardly could - they would first need to hunt down the individual agreements, if even possible after such a long time. They do not own as much as they might believe, even with Hyperion out of the way.

The whole construction of AmigaOs is from a legal perspective very fragile. There is no "black or white". There are only multiple parties with partially overlapping and partially conflicting interests, and the story would hardly end with Hyperion out of the way. It would rather open another Pandora's box of software licensing, and just another round of struggle.
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