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What on earth are you talking about?? Perhaps your vision has detoriorated since the 16-bit days? (just kidding)!
Warblade is AWESOME. Every single Deluxe Galaga feature exists in Warblade, therefore you cannot say "I miss this or that feature". In addition, there are DOZENS of new features, and 25 more levels. The Accounts idea is fantastic, the better you do in the long run the more features you unlock. I was playing all evening earlier! I got 162 million points, Level 300, and it took me 4 hours and 22 minutes non stop! During that time, I cancelled a date with my girlfriend, skipped dinner and missed a football match on TV. Eventually I lost on purpose because my eyes were soar. This game is addiction at its best. I know we're all retro maniacs here, but there's nothing wrong with admitting that a new game is better than the old one just because it's a PC version. The price is more than fair and I suggest you all register!
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