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I bought MGS and MGS special missions (2 boxes not the compilation)

The MGS special missions is an "expansion pack" which in reality means that when you start the special missons it want to verify you have the original CDs, and then when it's done that nothing else.

Problem is that the PS2 having a tray (my guess) doesn't close as quickly, so it fails the verification before the tray was in again.

At any rate it can't verify the disc 1 of the original MGS disc, neither disc 1 nor 2. Meaning I can't play it.

ePSXe crashes my computer when I try to run it through there before the disk swap request. And AdriPSX gets to the verification but will not even try to verify the CD either. Not even play the verifying CD animation.

From what I can find on newsgroup history and other links on Google Konami says it's a problem Sony introduced with their PS2, Sony on the other hand says there's no problem.

Apparently though it's only Konami games which won't run.
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