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I think that in the US once the DC went to $50 the stock quickly sold out, they might still make a few in japan since they still release games there.

There is a place here locally (Game X Crazy) that sells used DC's with 2 controllers cheap $24.99 (along with used games) they also sell the following used equipment:

Used Consoles:

N64 $19.99 +2 controllers
PSX One $29.99 + 2 controllers
Sega Genisis $19.99 + 2 controllers
Nintendo $39.99 + 2 controllers
Super Nintendo $29.99 + 2 controllers

Used Games:

The advertise "yesterdays legends" for DC, PSX, N64 for $1.99 and up for games.

"Classic Plastic" $2.99 and up for Genesis, Nintendo, and Super Nintendo games.

The store is located next to hollywood Video stores. Too bad a sega saturn isnt listed I want one of those, might head out there this week to see what they have. Is a sega genesis any good? I didnt get into consoles untill the PSX came out in the 90's.
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