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Yep, the adf problem is the reason I was looking for a virus checker.

What it is, my friend asked me to do some adfs to floppy for him as he also resurected his Amiga after becoming bored with his PS2, I done several for him but he came back complaining that the Saddam virus (very topical) was on some disks I gave him, he says it flashed up when he loaded a disk (Wings-2), I was alarmed so ran what I done for him thru the VC exucuter program from classic WB but it came up with nothing, thats why I wanted to update or a different checker but Im sure the Saddam would have been picked up as its years old I think?

Now then he also brought some floppies around which he had formatted himself and each of those floppies had an unknown bootblock, So has he a virus?.. I dont know, but Im sure after formatting he should have standard bootblock at least.. He said he used Xcopy format.

edit: can I scan an ADF for a virus or will I have to turn it into an Amiga disk first?
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