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YeaH! Another ClassicWB user..............

The new VirusExecutor only allows its files to be updated via liveupdate built into the program as explained here.

Version 2.28, the one used in the classic workbench, is still the best IMO as it uses the standard recognition file found here (as thomas explained)

The recent ClassicWB already has the latest XVS installed (may 2003).

If you have internet access for your Amiga, you can grab the 2.33 version with live update. If not, you have to wait for the XVS lib to be updated.

To be honest, not many new viruses are released for the Amiga today and as long as you've got the latest XVS everything should be fine. It finds all the major viruses on game adfs and that's the only place I've ever found a threat after downloading loads of Amiga software from the net over the past several years.

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