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Posts: 2,251's an opinion. People's mileage may vary, but frankly I think APoV issue #1 was more professional in a lot of ways than that Edge piece on the Amiga. If you disagree- fine, I've got no problem with that.......but your sarcasm really does need work!

To further illustrate my viewpoint, though, just have a look at the early issues of Zzap!64 from 1985/86. Pretty bloody professional journalism when you consider that the review team consisted of guys in their late teens or early 20s who, probably for the most part, had never worked on a computer mag before or had a real job. Computer journalism is supposed to be far more professional now. However, the research errors in Edge's Amiga piece just stuck out like dog's balls to me, and obviously to a few other people here who have made similar comments.
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