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Hahaha, this happened to me a lot of times too. You download that game you remember to be fantastic in your old system, fire up the emulator, and after playing it again for 15 minutes, you think
"How could I like this shit?"

Kaleidoscope Special is pretty good, try it again, a little longer. When you get to the 1st boss, I'm sure you'll remember the "mothafuca big laser gun", and then you'll remember about most things in the game :-)

BTW, did u ever finish that game? I always found WAAAAYYY to hard, the bosses that are like spiders are DAMN hard to destroy, and some of those monolis things are so well hidden, it's nearly impossible to find them.

And yeah, Knightmare, Nemesis and Zanac are 3 of the best MSX 1 games ever done, but... If you're interested, get a little unknown game called "Hype" ... this one is as good as zanac, and that says something
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