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Thumbs down Hurry up someone and scan the damn pages!

Originally posted by Peanutuk
Where do you want me to uplaod them?
The zone

Quote: it allowed? Won't edge be a bit pissed? after all these scans wil presumably stop people buying it.
No. The files will disappear from the zone within 4 days. I doubt everyone from the edge regularly visits EAB to see if anyone has scanned their pages.

There is anumebr you can ring if you're having trouble finding it;

01225 732316
Great, a toll call from NZ to order a magazine that will cost 3 times the coverprice to ship over so I can see 4 lousy pages of an Amiga article without waiting 3 months for it to appear in our shops!

they must have copies in stock
I think if you added up all the amount of time people have wasted on here either asking for the scans or making excuses about why they won't scan them, someone could have scanned the articles about 10 times over... For heavens sake, somebody on here must have a scanner and a few minutes to scan them! Common sense people...

And I have already said please in the other thread so I refuse to say it again!

Also I find it amusing that a team of people can work for 9 months to make a game, a cracker will happily remove the protection and upload it for everyone to download/spread without caring that the publisher might lose a few sales yet everyone is worried about scanning 4 lousy pages of a magazine!
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