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New REDPILL is out!

-Use the Editor tooltip to choose your IFF paint program, then in tiles and spritesheet screen you can quickly edit your images.
-Added action trigger New Question <question id> <text> to start a new question.
-Added action trigger Add Answer <value> <text> to add a new answer to the started question.
-Added action trigger Ask Question <var>, that will set up a variable with the value from answer.
-Now it is easier to set up the text to use in Show Text/Dialog.
-Text and Dialogs now stop the other triggers from being processed.
-In Level Objects screen you can use 1 and 2 to quickly move between levels.
-Added extra check to HUD code.
-Added extra checks to LoadSound.
-On load level added extra frame to avoid corrupted graphics.
-Fixed Color 0 being overwritten with certain settings.
-Disabled Blitz2 bitmap out bounds check.
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