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Larrie and the Robbery of the Ardies

Here's quite a lengthy message from the main coder of an obscure Kingsoft game, Larrie and the Robbery of the Ardies:

1st disk ;main entry v1.2
entry code 084767210013432
program information, human beings only!

program coding: seka assembler (main program)
Actec C (leader program)
Digital research Development set (ATARI ST version only)
pictures: deluxe paint v1.2-NTSC + 1001 level designer
sound: 1001 industries, 4 channel fastmem recording system (ADJ)
sound effects: NOS facilitair office - A. de Jong, S. Vanderhorst
music: Carsten Obarski
final testdate: 1987-09-23
dates: 1987-05-15><1987-09-14
thanks to: CODA's marvellous album 'Sounds of passion'
VANGELIS' brillant work of art 'ANTARCTICA'
(for keeping me awake during the long and
sometimes boring nights)
TANGERINE DREAM for producing the Cd TIGER
GANDALF for producing FANTASIA

Test pilots:
Erik van Eykelen (test managements, 1st test pilot)
Ard Olierook (2nd test pilot)
Joost Honig
Luuk Impink
Dick van Winsum
Thom Kiessewetter
Rene Mathijssen
Rob van der Horst

Level information:
Designed with 1001 multigraphic playground designer (AMIGA + ATARI ST)
width: 969 pixels
height: 250 pixels
colors: 16 (level dependant)

Sprite information:
sprites used: 80
max. sprites on screen: 7
colors: 4
width: 16 pixels
height 20/24/48 pixels

Sound information:
soundeffects: 20 types
2 channel-priority level required

Blitter tasks:
-object flicker
-trampoline change
-object disappearance

Copper tasks:
-multi screen facilities (main screen 4 planes, statusboard 1 plane
optionboard 5 planes)
-blitter driver
-sound driver

68000 tasks:
-user movements
-sprite movements
-opponent controller
-constant level decrunching

3D animations:
-C driven (ATARI ST version only)
-Assembler driven (AMIGA version only)

-single point horizon

A multiple choice question:

What's the autors' favourite topic?
a) Womem
b) Computers
c) Music
d) Being Lazy (Like all programmers!)

Software cracking is illegal: What, to your opinion, could
the Dutch government do to prevent it:
a) Hire lots of detectives to get the crackers!
b) Supply all users with free Software (like they do with Softdrugs)!
c) Forbid all Software imports
d) Better custom checks

write me your answers!

Steve Vanderhorst
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